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Tech Vyas Support

You have to download & install the Tech Vyas_Support for If You Have a window of (32 bit) Otherwise Your software will not work properly.


Tech Vyas  Book ERP

Tech Vyas ERP

This Business ERP Software for Supermarkets, Mobile Shops / Computers / Electronics / FMCG Dealers, Retailers / Book Shops, Bakeries, Grain Market, Pesticide.


Tech Vyas  Book Medical

Tech Vyas Medical

This software is used For Pharmaceutical Dealers and Distributors (Wholesale and Retail Chemists) with Stock administration, Billing, Expiry, Discount, Breakage and Accounts.


Tech Vyas  Book Hotel

Tech Vyas 5 Star Hotel

This Software for Hotels and Restaurants with K.O.T. Management, Table Service, Check in, Check Out, Stock Management, Booking Dashboard, Police Station Report. Very Easy to operate.


Tech Vyas  Book Showroom

Tech Vyas Retails

This software is used For Apparels, Footwear, ready made garments retail showrooms to manage their stock Size / Color. No need to purchase separate barcode printer to print tags.